Tiffany & Chris: Laguna Beach Engagement

Chris + Tiffany

Laguna Beach, CA.

I followed them around Laguna on a beautiful summer evening, as they kissed in alleyways and flirted hand in hand. We then made our way to the location where Chris proposed to Tiffany — a cliff overlooking the coastline. Literally the most BREATHTAKING view! It was perfect timing, right at sunset with soft golden light and sun flares shining between them.  When Chris proposed several months ago, he had a drone hovering over them to document the moment he would ask Tiffany to become his wife.  Little did he know, as he was pulling out the ring, that the drone would completely run out of battery and miss his proposal.  As much as I know his heart sank in that moment, its times like these where maybe it was meant to be that they were fully present in this exciting new chapter, just the two of them solely focused on one another. It made it so much more special going there to photograph their engagement photos and for them to stand in the exact same spot where he got down on one knee.  Don’t worry, we totally reenacted the moment so that one day they can tell this story to their children and their children’s children, and it will forever be documented as he intended for it to be.  Can’t wait for their wedding day, I know its going to be filled with so much love.